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  1. hey,
    We are Travian players from germany and serching a player
    Baron80 said u maybe like to play with us

    We play Travian in a german World an are searching for a player from america which can be online duricng the day (thats in germany night time)

    The account
    We have tresure big speed
    top 250
    Thief of the week every week
    We love to fight withe our naibours and we not just a "silent " account
    attacker place 15
    devender place 80
    Hero place 10
    evrybody speak more or less god english
    myself speak "perfekt " english
    Gold account
    we have many defenders fpr our account

    To u
    Good player
    know how to play
    YOu have to time attacks
    Gold not nececerry

    I hope we will finde someone !
    just write me in the forum !

    Greets laurenz
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