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  1. Sorry for the long delay; I thought for sure I'd replied already. Must have forgotten to ciick "Post Message" again. :sheepish:

    So, I had you confused with Marmot Man. You see, I saw that Berroco had a new knitting yarn named Marmot, and that made me think of him, and then it struck me, "HEY, wait a minute! His name's NOT Mok Monster! Doh!"
  2. Lol.
    Who did you think I was?
  3. You know, I just realized that I had you confused with someone else that I've known for a long time. That's why I was speaking so familiarly – oops!
  4. bwa-ha-ha-ha! I'll never tell!

    Actually, I will. How could I keep anything from someone with an avatar as adorable as yours? Pindanin told me first, more-or-less, although we didn't realize it was you until later when I was trying to help him figure out what happened.
  5. Who told you about my new religious conversion, btw?
  6. I see that I have much to learn about being a spiritual leader.
  7. I'm definitely not starting anything.
    I'm also definitely not leading anything.
    I'm just there to sniff disapprovingly (when needed) and point in a "go get 'em" sort of way.
  8. lol … Now it sounds more like you're starting a cult. Isn't it wonderful how a rumor can grow like that?
  9. I think it would be far more accurate to say that I've become a spiritual leader.
  10. I heard a rumor that you're joining a cult
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