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  1. Lucky for me, I have more impressive things to throw around then rep. Too bad those 5 little fail villages of yours are hardly worth it.
  2. Oh no, what am i going to do without those 13 points
  3. Don't you have some baby to steal from or something?
  4. You sure are quick to throw out the "discrimination"/ "sexism" card. Someone must have appointed you Travian police while I wasn't looking.
  5. still at it with the age jokes?

    perhaps you should try to get your maturity to match your age, as opposed to trying to make my maturity seem lower than it is
  6. And Spiffy is a little baby too! Too many children playing this game... time to find something else to do with my time!
  7. lol, i think when i turned 18 last year i became legally an adult, or do you discriminate against different ages too?

    you can pretend you won the argument all you want, im simply not going to put the effort into it anymore

    a debate is supposed to inform the other of your opinion, since you don't appear to care about mine im not going to continue it
  8. Aghh... I'm arguing with a juvenile. No wonder.
  9. Yep, I am such I brick wall! Good to know that when you can't win an argument you can always resort to rep!
  10. arguing with a brick wall is getting tiring, i will just -rep you in a day or two when i can again
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