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  1. ahh. that's always fun. (: i'm on us4 atm, (no farming please? haha.) i'm doing alright. got my grades up, and schools doing much better. oh, and protests are always fun too. so this is my first time using v4, and i like it so far. much more smooth interface, and i just like it much more over all. any tips i should know for it, that i might not know?

    DISNEY?! forreal? i'm jealous. though, i did get to go to london this last winter break, and i got to march in their new years day parade with my school. IT WAS A BLAST. london is a fantastic city. i highly recommend it, if you have the chance to go there. i can honestly say, marching in london, was the only parade i have actually enjoyed marching in.
  2. There's been this huge update for Travian, T4 (v4 I guess?) was released. I've been working crazy hours, but I've got vacation coming up next week so the whole family is going to Disney World!

    How have things been with you?
  3. Brahma! i'm back in travian town! how goes it friend? its been quite a while. what have you been up to? (iv'e decided to take travian back up now for the summer atleast.) how is my fellow Wisconsinite?
  4. yeah.. it snowed once already. what has the world come to..
  5. I hear there's snow up there already.
  6. wisconsin is good. its getting cold though
  7. Hello, how's Wisconsin?
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