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  1. I miss u
  2. Ded sed cred spread was first used on the us5 forums when i first had the ability to send our reputation i commented on the forums that i had spread some reputation their way. The forum user wahooha < spelt wrong ( the guy who posts in LOL cats alot ) followed me around on my posts and responded in pretty funny rhymes one of them was "ded sed cred spred" which in translation is LordDeath spread some reputation. If you don't know what forum rep is, click settings.
  3. ohhh dat's nice account .. I hear that rumor from piecing one and one together to make two. No i'm just kidding, The forums on us3 are lame as hell and need some spice with the lame sauce. If that causes me to be hated because I like to make things interesting.... *Shurgs*
  4. You in Legion on us3?
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