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  1. I keep my heart in my cave. It is quite warm, there.
  2. I don't have a heart - it was surgically removed so that I could play Travian.

  3. Too much T is always a good thing. Except in terms of weight, in which case, it places extra strain on your heart.
  4. Not much of a guide, that about says it all - buy gold club, lol.

    Yeah I need the breaks, and too much of T. isn't always a good thing. I dunno if you were or not, I can't keep track of all the Mod changes here anymore - grats if you weren't.
  5. New guide: buy Travian Gold Club?

    Also, you always have huge, extended breaks. Was I a mod the last time you were here?
  6. I'm such a noob - I know it >.<

    I'm wasting time because now that I can auto-dodge and queue up 1 zillion buildings Travian just plays itself.
  7. T you noob, what's up?
  8. You came back!
  9. You never saw it coming!
  10. omg! the bear woke up and boo'd me!
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