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  1. Nice, lol, ada boy.
  2. Can say that again. Gf is coming over in about an hour so should be interesting
  3. lol, it's ait tho, my RL is interesting enough.
  4. Naww. I know the feeling.
  5. Yes...

    Freaking RL gets in the way of my travian lol
  6. Can has pm with plans?

    And lol. Without duals I'm the same.
  7. lol, true, I might not have time to be teut, might have to do romans, or guals. Between RPGs, and the book.... I just don't have teut ammount of time lol.

    and you'll like my planz in RPGs
  8. You can always be more hardcore in the RPG's
  9. No, don't worry, i just got a ****ty start, it's not your fault.
  10. Lol. Not much I can do about it sorry
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