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  1. Hour or so's difference. And I've gtg
    Gonna play tennis. Probably be back in a few hours.
  2. bah, close 'nuff.
  3. We got a few of them nearby... Boyne Smelters. Smelts alumina into aluminium.

    And close. Aussie in Central Queensland.
  4. Bleh, looks too dangerous, they're like at a huge furnace now.

    O.o you just woke up? are you like.. new zelandish?
  5. Found anything you'd like to do on it? Lol. I've only just woken up.
  6. bleh, being bored, watching dirty jobs.
  7. Ah. Thanks you gor the hugs .

    Whats happening?
  8. /hugz
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