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  1. Mad. Very, Very mad.
  2. How's you?
  3. /cuddles
  4. Hey
  5. Absolutlyfriggingawesome.

  6. Dunno, i liked maxin and relaxin today.

    I had 2 pounds of show crab legs, 3 plates of shrimp scampi, and 2 of Cajun shrimp.

    It. Was. AWESOME.
  7. Just tell Roran to get off and be a good co-gm.
    As for the awesome dude, is it me?
  8. being lazy with RPG's, talking to a awesome dude.
  9. Umm. Talking to Pxchoudhury about which country is more stupid. Lol. Oh that and waiting for a reply in either of the 2 RPG's I play.
    And you?
  10. What you up to?
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