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  1. /hugglez
    Happy New Year to you too Raftie.
  2. *HUG* happy noo yeer
  3. Hey.
  4. Heya *hugz*
  5. -hugz-
  6. Just wants back his skulls. I got that much.
  7. Roger doesn't mind the navy much.
  8. I thought so.
    But now I am wondering why Roger bought me back (other than roran) and how long I'll last.
  9. Kewl, Kewl.
  10. Coincidence maybe? Lol.
    Shane Schofield is the main character of the Scarecrow series by Matthew Reilly. In the 1st book he is saved from getting shot and never coming back by his heart having stopped and then restarted when the body went into shock from the waters of the Antartic.
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