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  1. Mwah hah hah hah.

    Baked homemade rotini and three cheese this weekend.

    Rotini Pasta.
    Cheese sauce made from velveeta with asiago and provolone for flavor. Added a dash of nutmeg to spice it a bit.
    Made a panko topping with dried basil mixed in.

    Smelled delicious. Looked fantastic. Tasted awesome.

  2. If you have an epeen does that make you a tranny then?
  3. I stalk you out of friendly affection.
  4. >.<

    Glad you don't have impure thoughts about me I guess? XD
  5. As soon as I place that bet, you'd just be the one to post it XD
  6. "Never have I ever had deviant thoughts about Cora."

    How long, do you reckon, before someone utters that one?
  7. Heya cutie. ~.^
  8. "All these zombies and I'm going to get killed by an Asian woman driver."
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