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  1. Dude, once in April 2013. Like, get off his back, and, maybe, pick on someone your own size, brah? Benedict Arnold's got reputation immunity, man, regardless of what he posts.
  2. I derped Benedict Arnold once in April of 2013...dude needs to get a grip. I wonder if he's actively studying every derp.
  3. Nah, I'm expecting insightful/funny satire.

    Most of your stuff is literally dogmatic garbage or a ridiculous portrayal of history/religion. That's what urks me the most; distorting knowledge for the sake of an -ism. That makes my blood boil just as much as when I see someone use their religious faith as a justification for cruelty or ignorance. You must be completely full of yourself if you think that I must be a Bible-thumpin' red-blooded 'Murican Christian man simply because I dislike your sense of humor, because that's as far from the truth as that can be.

    Pick a tip from Woden. He usually gets the job done.
  4. I'm not crying, i'm just wondering what kind of person clicks on a thread called "Christian Mythology Logic" and gets butthurt? Did you expect dancing unicorns and pictures of "Jesus Loves You"?
  5. Cry and ***** to me please lol. Your pictures are cringeworthy. If your feelings are hurt, too bad.
  6. Good job being euphoric.
  7. In the future, PM me.

    I prefer to keep the "histrionics" to private mode. You know, instead of publicly calling people out when my ego gets hurt.
  8. I can insult others, but others can't insult me!

    Playing defensively again? Waaah, I wasn't really insinuating that atheists are more intelligent, I just through out some data saying most scientists are atheist and that atheism is correlated with IQ. What? You think that? There's no way my post could have been interpreted like that!

    That data isn't even relevant in a thread about religion if I am to believe what you are saying. Either way, you're being irrelevant, or a troll. And judging from your overwhelmingly negative feedback, I probably struck a nerve by calling you a troll, because you're not really trolling, you actually believe the drivel you post.

    Good grief you are obnoxious. If you're truly that delusional, then you have proven to me why it was worth it to simply neg rep and move on. Suck it up, grow up, and stop talking to me. Welcome to my ignore list. Hey, at least it's better than getting negrepped for bringing up stupid, irrelevant arguments!
  9. Alright then, if that is how it occurs to you, then I really have no vested interest in arguing with you. Enjoy feeling superior with terms like "little *****" and "atheism is intelligence" lol. Though you can't really argue the "little *****" part. If you asked, I would have honestly replied. And I did reply honestly, despite you having no credible information necessary to make that inference without breaking the forum rules.

    For all you know, I could be egging you on for some predictable laughs. And you have absolutely no certainty of that without doing something fishy.

    Are you really that mad over a neg rep that you pretty much earned by correlating atheism with IQ as if if even meant anything? This is not the first time you've done this. And probably won't be the last. I've had it with like-minded bigots, they make every single one of my shared positions look awful.
  10. Your mindless drivel about the superior atheist is too boring to warrant a response. I just -neg rep and move on. Same thing when Kurtz does it or when he rants about the USA. It's my way of telling people to shut the **** up and pull their heads out of their ***** when their argument/ego becomes awful, because I don't want to waste time arguing a point refuted a thousand times.

    You have no business calling me righteous. We get it; you're an atheist and you want everyone to know how great being an atheist is, even though it's just as intellectually flawed as theism and subject to the same pressures that theism is -- namely groupthink and arrogance. In the end, it really doesn't matter because your knowledge is subjective.

    Though if neg repping me back is cathartic, feel free to do so. My neg reps are merely a sign of annoyance, not anger. It's not like you're a terrible poster in other occasions.
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