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  1. *Sad face*
  2. Lol I posted that before you even joined and not one person has replied yet
  3. I see you there on the forums. >.>
  4. I'm good. A little bit sick (just a runny nose and sore throat) but otherwise quite well.

    I was actually considering giving travian another go. I'll say upfront that I have exams in 3-4 weeks though so during that 2 week period I'm not sure how active I'd get to be. I suppose it is up to you if that's alright.
  5. I'm good! Just started up on us7, how about you? wanna be my dual?
  6. I know right. How've you been? Are you still playing? *insert million other questions here*
  7. Fancy seeing you here
  8. Hey. Here's someone I haven't seen for a while.
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