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  1. Playing with banger and Dietch and ms. We were really looking for someone to take a roman account we started. Didn't want to just drop it so one of us stayed there and we just kinda cross sit.
  2. Well that's an interesting name. How many duals so you have? It's just me and my brother over here. Dang. I probably should have just seen if you guys needed any more duals before we started one. Neither one of us plays as much as we should, but we're good. And we buy gold. Always good qualities in duals!
  3. Ended up on Deadcow. Tried to have the name changed but we were already too big when we got it.
  4. Dang. We're all the way on the other side of the map from you. What are you playing under?
  5. haha I have an account there too. I've always played us3 to some extent. It was my noob server ^.^

    Where'd you guys end up? I'm off in the NE
  6. Pretty good. Had a lot of life changes recently. I see you have gone over to the dark side, now! You're a mod! Oh no! Lol! Me and Timmy are playing us3 again. Just for fun. Not gonna be as serious as we were.
  7. Hey =) Good to see you around. How've you been?
  8. Hey, hey!
  9. Yep same number. Hope court goes well lol
  10. Hey, lady! I just wanted to see what happened. I have been crazy busy lately! I have court today, so I'll check back later if I'm not in jail. Do you still have the same #?
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