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  1. The stars blocked the word... I'll assume it's derogatory. Well, know that I love you enough to be unhappy at your frustration. So there's that
  2. I'm on perfectly good terms with him...but he's ********.
  3. My parents were divorced and it was frustrating to watch them fight. Try to be on the best possible terms with your ex. I know it sounds dumb, but your kids will appreciate it, and in the long run, you will too. <3 <3.

    Try to do something relaxing. Take a bubble bath. Garden. Yoga. Nude running. You know, whateves
  4. <3

    I'll get over it. Just been dealing with the worthless ex all day today and it makes me very frustrated.

  5. I wuv you
  6. Whoa **** girl, don't do that. I feel bad

  7. I could use one of those today. I feel like kicking puppies.
  8. I had the sudden urge to give you a big sloppy hug filled with love <3
  9. Why hello stranger.
  10. Meow
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