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  1. Awesome. Thanks Stef. Will do.
  2. Of course, let me know when you'd like it moved
  3. They were created by Fighter for the Forum Survivor Series. They only ever had a few people in them (I'm pretty sure I'm the only active one in A). And while I agree with your sentiments, I put it there initially to generate content and get a feel for how I wanted it to play out. I always intended to ask to have it moved once I was happy with the start. It also gets the timestamps this way so it feels more genuine to me. I suppose I could have created it elsewhere and locked and unlocked it now that I think about it but that only came to mind then. Plus, we wouldn't have had this fun and exploration if I had of done otherwise.
    Can I ask for a week before having it moved please?
  4. Before I can even begin on the thread, I can't help but wonder why those sections still exist.... so few members have access and several of them are no longer active. It appears that the sections were created for a game which is no longer being played. Now, the thread itself is wonderful honestly, it would be nice to see how much activity it would see outside a limited section.
  5. Haha! Might want to fix access for your mods too.
    So...Thoughts on the thread?
  6. No.... no I did not :\ It's ok though... cause I just went ahead and gave myself access!
  7. Interesting. You don't have access to the survivor subforums in T&P?
  8. Link is broken And when I searched for threads with the title 'dear diary' there were several but none from the last few years.
  9. Hi Slip!
    Might I ask whether you have any thoughts on the Dear Diary thread?
    Do you think it's a decent idea, stupid idea, etc?
  10. Aww shucks.
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