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  1. Well that sounds like you're doing great then :P

    Haha I'm going to try to get a job this summer... should be interesting.
  2. Crazy buzy also - two jobs now lol

    Tech writing/usability...

    and Im working at REI - which is fun.
  3. Summer. It's been crazzy and super busy

    How you been?
  4. Whatcha up to Ramiiii?
  5. Sorry Ive been working like crazy and sleeping when Im not working. Doing okay. How about yourself?
  6. Pssh so much for being alwaysonline. For a moment there I thought you were avoiding me

    How you been? I sure have missed you
  7. lol hiya Rami
  8. Boo! Heyyy How you doing?
  9. lol Im on a lot... Just invisible on skype and only here for brief moments.
  10. This is like the first time I've seen you online
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