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  1. I see you!
  2. VMs ARE like Facebook! Who woulda thunk?
  3. To unlock a secret area of the forums, post "SuperSexyJamie swallowed six singing sea serpents Sunday." on Fighter's VMs, and then copy and paste this whole message to five other VMs.
  4. And I'm changing our motto to: WE'LL BAPTIZE THE BLACK RIGHT OUT OF YOU!

    Please take note of this. Thx.
  5. Hai, you should post results now. Kthx.
  6. I wasn't online earlier to come on irc. I am playing my gave on FB now so I am not coming on. You and Woden share the responsiblity of team trolls. Enjoy.
  7. I am just clarifying to make sure that I am not my team's troll. It surely has to be someone else. Thx
  8. ***** I said come on irc!
  9. hay, come on irc!
  10. Hey you, come on irc pl0x
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