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  1. I went to your vm's to copy my post into a different post and saw your convo's, I would hardly call it stalking.

    What did you mean by "take an oath of straightness" then, if not as the leaders questioning scouts' sexual orientation?

    The only reason it became a huge argument was because you refuted my statement "As an Eagle Scout I can tell you there was no 'oath of being straight'", which I know beyond a shadow of a doubt to be true. How could you possibly claim I don't know what I'm talking about? We were talking about the requirements to be an Eagle scout, which I did 2 years ago. I never went off on tangents, and never claimed anything other than my original statement and that what I assumed you meant by it (leaders questioning scouts' sexual orientation) was wrong. If that was not what you meant, I again ask, what did you mean by "take an oath of straightness" if not that?
  2. Stop stalking my take one sentence, like swearing an oath of straightness, and turn it into something completely different, like questioning gays, or "i believe the oath says this" even though the organization says something completely have to morph and corrupt everything to your advantage or to something that wasn't said...
  3. It's like i'm talking to a brick wall.

    this sentence is all the rage nowadays
  4. The national/state leadership can claim that homosexuality is contrary to the scout oath, but that does not mean the average scout views it as such. SCOTUS claims that corporations are people, and that money is free speech, just because I am a US citizen doesn't mean I agree with either of those claims. It also doesn't mean that if you say the word "people" i will think "corporations" or that if you say "free speech" I will think "money".

    ps it's not nice to call people brick walls
  5. Only if the scout defines being "not gay" as part of "moral straightness". If it is it is a very small and obscure part (there are much more important and clear cut moral issues), and it is not described as such at the troop level. Going off of, "Being morally straight means to live your life with honesty, to be clean in your speech and actions, and to be a person of strong character." Nowhere does that mention sexual orientation. If you ask a random scout or troop leader what "morally straight" means, you will not get "heterosexual" as the response. I can tell you this from firsthand experience.

    (more in next post due to length limitations)
  6. I'm not saying that your leaders led "moral straightness" to be solely applied to homosexuality. Nonetheless, they did say that it DOES apply in context to the Scout Oath. Therefore, when one takes the oath, they are swearing they are heterosexual, and by refusing to or declaring their homosexuality, they are disbarred.
  7. My only assertion was that morally straight does not explicitly refer to homosexuality, not that there is no argument for homosexuality being not morally straight. When a scout says "To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.", they are not saying, specifically, I am not gay.
  8. Fine, but frankly, your denial of the meaning of "morally straight", even though your organization says it contradicts homosexuality, makes me think of you as idiotic.
  9. 1. the Dale case wasn't at the troop level (unless you have proof otherwise), his letter was from the council executive. I'm aware you most likely don't know this, but a council oversees many troops (you can look at all the troops in my own council here), I'd say that qualifies as "not at the troop level".

    2. I wouldn't call local priests "upper tiers", not sure where you got that. I will again, however, point out again that the percentage of priests who molested children is smaller than the percentage of the general population that does so.

    3. tithes? really? I have never payed a tithe in my life.
  10. Yeah, so BSA v. Dale, and multiple other similar events don't reflect the troops...even though the complaints start on the troop level...just like the molestation within the Catholic church is just within the upper tiers...and your tithes in no way promote that behavior?
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