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  1. I dont think you did have me as a contact .. I talked to you mostly in IRC .. I'll add ya when I hop on later tonight !
  2. well...if you don't already have me as a contact feel free to add, it's myrkitteh. I have way too many contacts to remember if you're one of them -.-
  3. It really is a long story lol .. I'll have to catch ya on like skype or somethin for it .. Otherwise we'll end up with novels published about it .. The Travian Chronicles, I can see it now :P
  4. oooh oooh tell me!

    Guess I met Brian on a good day. He pushed my account last round several times before they talked me into dualing with them lol so I kinda like them all...but then nobody's ever really a ****** to me so I find it kinda hard to hate many people
  5. It's Brian15 I can't stand .. lol I personally think he's a tool but that goes back to round 6 for me ... Anywho, I'll have to reveal myself eventually... I feel bad for the account cuz I know when some people find out it'll be a crappy week lol
  6. I did tell you I played on an account people hate...don't really know of that many out there other than us on usx lol
  7. lol I officially have to hate you now because of your association to Brian15 .. but i lubz ya neway :P
  8. xD Yep.

    I mostly just do pop*******
  9. Noooo .. dont tell me you're with Undead :S
  10. I fail at trolling. Just too nice for it I think.

    Ms Evil even tried to tutor me and no luck. Now I just lurk around the forums and don't post at all lol
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