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  1. I knew it!
  2. lol. a few funny storys actually..
  3. So how many illegal drugs did you bring back from Colombia?

    I can't wait until I'm done with school too, I'm ready to be done! Basically the things with me are the samesies.
  4. Things are good! I think I have like 2 more years of schooling and the world will be my oyster. Lots to look forward to, but I am still a broke *** atm. I also got to go on this epic vacation to see all my family in Colombia. We did TONS of awesome stuff and I plan on moving down there in the future. Going to improve my Spanish and even learn salsa too. lol. What I love most is the attitude there.. I don't know what it is exactly, everyone just seems really cool. It was an adventure.

    How are you?
  5. How goes it!
  6. Hola!
  7. Omg hai!
  8. <3's
  9. If you could envision the meaning of a tragedy, you might be surprised to hear.. it's you and me. </3
  10. Sometimes, you startle me.
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