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  1. Hehehehe....
  2. You outed me!!!!! And lil innocent girl to everyone who plays trav with me
  3. I still can't belive your a woman.
  4. since you don't have any new visitor messages i thought i will just update it
  5. then why have i cought you offline again
  6. lol.. ok that's it I'm making the forums my homepage... then you'll seeee.. I'm ALWAYS ONLINE
  7. i love seeing you offline, mainly because of what your username says.
  8. do you like the show Survivor: heroes vs. villains?
  9. he has great ability to sing and make a video to match it. i think he would make a great career by doing what he does. he already has his own webiste ( and is selling CDs.
  10. Yea that was good.
    He could do really well if he would pick one: comedian or singer - I'd like to see a serious video with him singing.
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