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  1. didn't mean to say it was illegal. that was just a playful poke at alllll the blank space in your sig.
  2. Wren,

    I have taken out a couple of extra lines between quotes on my siggy, as requested. I am not sure that I have done what you are looking for however.

    Could you please ellaborate a bit on why it is that my sig is too long? I did a quick count, and I don't believe that I am at my max of 750 char, unless I am counting wrong, which I probably am.

    Let me know if it is okay, or what you are looking for so that I may be in compliance, and not cause more grief for something so silly.


    Me of the too long siggy
  3. dear he-with-long-siggy,
    please shorten your siggy.

  4. I linked your great post about market use in my FAQ, thanks for writing it up.
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