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  1. Ronnie9752
    I joined!
  2. Whiskeyjack
    Me too, fancy seeing you here.
  3. Warraxx
    meh, i've played 5 .com servers already... they are sim*****s and zergites.
  4. Ronnie9752
    I know... I played 1 .com server out of the top 50 alliances about 5 metas. With 1 or 2 non-meta alliances.
  5. Whiskeyjack
    Yeah alot of zerg players. Surprised the heck out of one when I cleared and catted a player twice my size from a non zerg alliance. Just whatever quad we end up in we have to slam down the zerg nightmare and slam it down hard.
  6. Warraxx
    lol, i left the .coms because i pissed off Thailand. (not the player, the country) true
  7. Whiskeyjack
    That's epic when you get a whole nation after you. Now you will have some backup.
  8. Berserking Alcoholic
    Berserking Alcoholic
    I'm in, but we need more than 11. 18 ought to do it.
  9. Mr. A
    Mr. A
    In for sure
  10. Comrade
    I think we'll need 2 or three more than 18. I wouldn't mind rolling in with 60 players to start, at least for the first month or so, so we have the numbers to make a serious dent.
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