Name Change

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  1. Ronnie9752
    Can we change it to team north america? Since there are people from Canada and America here?
  2. Whiskeyjack
    I think that would be acceptable.
  3. Warraxx
    meh, canadian bacon sux
  4. mbstokem
    Well since it's the .us forums, we should keep it team .us.
  5. Berserking Alcoholic
    Berserking Alcoholic
    America, **** yeah! Coming again to save the mother ****ing day yeah!
  6. zojin rahn
    zojin rahn
    We could be known as TEAM AMERICA World Police
  7. Whiskeyjack
    The price of freedom is a buck oh five.
  8. Mr. A
    Mr. A
    team .us is best. People from all different places are here. I'm Australian and I will be the first to say American servers are SOO much better than ours.
  9. Whiskeyjack
    We had a team from from the Au servers not too long ago. Good alliance.
  10. Comrade
    I created it a 'Team America' as a reference to the world police. Not sure if there really is another obvious option, anyone want to collect suggestions?

    EDIT: No can do, there isn't an option to edit the name.
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