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  1. Ronnie9752
    What should we name our alliance on .com?

    Should we all have matching names? Like we are all names of famous people from Canada and America?(Excluding Justin Beaver) Or maybe names of animals from Canada and America.
  2. Giovanni
    Uh could be just like .us, US, USA, America, and(ooo had the others rolling until this one).....Amerika?
  3. Mr. A
    Mr. A
    .us is best, seeing how we are representing the server not the country.
  4. storeythor
    I say as a parody, we go with World Police as a alliance name from the movie "Team America World Police" then we can take character names or other references from the movie as player names..
  5. Seether
    Team United States.
  6. Luisss
    I think the name ".us" would be sufficient. People can be original with their names and not have to stick to a specific theme.
  7. tunaman43
    We should all name ourselves Multi1, 2, 3, etc.
  8. Rofler
    I think .us is fine. Names should just be whatever people want.
  9. laban
    what about US
  10. zaxynn
    Eagle......Is this going to be made up of Americans or Players that play .us server?

    Either way I like the name...Eagle
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