Dual Room

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  1. Gloryhogg
    Good place to find and cordinate with other .US players.
  2. Ronnie9752
    I'm just gonna solo an anvil.
  3. chaoswolf
    if i play i will need a dual
  4. Seether
    I'm all for this, and I'll be a dual if someone wishes to have me.
  5. Lord Of The Morning
    Lord Of The Morning
    Ronnie, we could dual the anvil
  6. The Wonk
    The Wonk
    I want to sim a gaul!
  7. mbstokem
    I'm down for simming gaul.
  8. Gloryhogg
    I haz 2 duals, need 17 more.
  9. G35
    Anyone experienced as an aggressive Teut? I need someone that plays late night est time. I have one other dual already.
  10. halfcup
    I'll come if anyone wants me.
    I'm a hyper-aggressive, experienced Teut, newish to Gaul, and dislike even sitting for Romans.

    I run multiple mace hammers, never tech axes, swear by capital hammers, and bleed gold.
    I am a loyal ally, but will ******-over any not sharing my tags.
    I only play 100% clean, and will not hesitate to narc on cheating allies.
    I'll be needing lots of duals.
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