Dual Room

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  1. G35
    Half you are welcome to join us, just started an account this minute on s5.com, teuton.

    Pm me if you are interested.
  2. mikethenewguy
    I just spawned in the NE on com 5 and will be an aggressive roman. I already have a good team set up, we just need an active raider during the night USA time b/c I cant do it mon-wed. b/c of work. Lots of gold and experienced people on the account.
  3. halfcup
    crap, i forgot all about this
    im not sure ive got time just now
  4. Mythic
    I'm with Seether.

    When are we doing this?
  5. Principal Brian Lewis
    Principal Brian Lewis
    Anyone planning on Gual looking for a dual? I wanna help with this.
  6. tunaman43
    I'm looking for either a gaul anvil, ghost hammer, or aggressive teut to play on. Don't have time to run an account myself. I've had experience as an anvil and hammer, and love to blow **** up.
  7. Rofler
    I'd like a dual for a gaul ghost hammer.
  8. tunaman43
    When are you on?
  9. Rofler
    5:00 pm-11:00 pm New York time during weekdays and most of the day on Sunday. I log in on irregular times on my non-dual accounts.
  10. tunaman43
    That's about the same as me.
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