Those Forgotten

  1. Toucan
    If you know of any Forum names of players that were in Moron that I have not invited, feel free to post their forum names here or invite them. Not sure if you are able to invite, so if you aren't, post their names here.

  2. Drew777
    There was this girl named Shelly. I think her name was panda something. There was alliegirl, 2-C, Bobski, Hollybebad25. And some others. Oh and I think there was this one guy Dan something. He was with us too. Spirit said she had a name on the forums too, but I don't believe her.
  3. Toucan
    I've gotten all of those people except Bobski. Is that their forum name?
  4. Kings Ranger
    Kings Ranger
    I'm here! Everyone stop panicking!
  5. Pile of Pandas
    Pile of Pandas
    bobski was on my account. He's listed under my friends.
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