Post whatevah

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  1. 5m4llP0X
    Create threads, have fun, just don't get me into more trouble.
  2. Cisalpine
    Did my nasty OB/GYN post get me into the exclusive club? YAY!
  3. 5m4llP0X
    You've always been a P0Xy1st.
  4. gebne
    Is it possible to get you into more trouble?
  5. 5m4llP0X
    Yes. I still have my orange title.
  6. gebne
    isnt orange the colour worn by guests of the state?
  7. Kurtz
    Dutch hooligans
  8. Flossie Schmumpus
    Flossie Schmumpus
    Finally I am allowed to write....what did you do Poxy?

    All Hail Poxy!

    and last but not least;

    What evah!
  9. 5m4llP0X
    I invited you. You must have requested to join THAN accepted my request. That or I am ****in magic, like magnets and rainbows and ****.
  10. Flossie Schmumpus
    Flossie Schmumpus
    I swear I accepted the invitation, that is how I got was late, I was tired, I don't remember what happened.
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