Paparazzi Madness!!

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  1. dicentra
    Today's exclusive insider info for the fans of T:

    Did you know he wears a size 14 1/2 shoe?

    Here are his feet. And one of his kitties:

  2. Shenaynay
    You know what they say about big shoes...
  3. redwingsgirl514
    *looks at the small feet she has*
    Guess I should be glad I'm not a guy then....

    What's the kitty's name?
  4. dicentra
    It's so true shenaynay, so true...

    That is the George kitteh. He is the namesake for my spawn village in Travian *nodsnods*
  5. Tinasilna
    what do they say about big shoes? That you need big feet to go inside them?

  6. Sleeping Bear
    Sleeping Bear
    No, big socks.
  7. Kallen
    Dude! That is one nice electric outlet!!!
  8. Tinasilna
    Yeah, pretty hot isn't it Kallen :P It powers my laptop AND my blackberry ... talk about way cool.
  9. Shenaynay
    Oh, and that antique, carved door in the right corner is simply to die for!
  10. dicentra
    Another shot in the series, before the cat woke up and glared at me. All so ya'll can better appreciate the beauty of that door

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