Our constitution

  1. supercomputers
    Cause everyone needs one, draft it here.

    One of the clauses must be: When dealing with other regions one must adopt the most ludicrous parody of a formal sounding title possible.

    (i.e. I am High executor of the royal decree association under the bureau of deny-ability of access coverage of the crown prince!)
  2. Valynor
    Ooo that's a good one. You notice we have completely oppossite areas? An Iron Fist Consumerist, a Socialist Paradise, and a Moralist Democracy. Haha
  3. Jumper4677
    "An Iron Fist Consumerist" that's not super. That was some guy just looking for a region. super's is a Psychotic Dictatorship. SN's is a Compulsory Consumerist State too.
  4. supercomputers
    Dictatorship?!?!?! How dare you!!! Euroczechistan is a Happy Socialist community of happyness :Tophat:
  5. Valynor
    Except for the part where it says your a Psychotic Dictatorship. But hey, you think that's weird?

    I'm classified as a Capitalist Paradise, renowned for it's Anti-Buisiness politics. And, my government is run by multiple national multiconglomerate companies, but private industry is illegal. How the hell does that work?
  6. supercomputers
    ...I think you broke the game...
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