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  1. Valynor
    I just got an offer from this region:

    For our entire region to move there and basically take control. The reason I put that here, is because while he didn't say to 'take control,' he wants to give me the WA spot since no one has it. So I propose, we chill there for like a week and build up regional influence, then eject and ban him, and rule it uber corruptly. Or we can just move there and be more powerful cuz we have the WA delegate spot. Or we can just not move.

    Option 1: Move and take over

    Option 2: Move and chill

    Option 3: Don't move
  2. Valynor
    Option 1 Pros: Their Regional Power is High which will make us even more powerful.
    Cons: Possibility that the majority of them are active and leave. (Unlikely. I sent a PM about something to their Founder, and he took 6 days to reply. That's the founder.)

    Option 2 Pros: Guaranteed powerseat with a High Power Region.
    Cons: We don't have full control

    Option 3 Pros: I can't think of any honestly.
    Const: See Pros of both Option 1 and Option 2.

    I can't make a Poll, so just reply once to vote for which option you support. You can discuss, just don't spam this one up with other stuff. Just so it's easy for me to see.
  3. Woden
    A couple of things I'd like to point out:

    1) The regional power will drop if you boot all of them...
    2) Merging with them could make you have a much higher Regional Power... but:
    3) Regional Power doesn't really appear to do much of anything, except maybe make it harder for invaders to join and boot everyone. And an easier way to do that would be to password-protect your region, with the password here.

    4) Merging with them would, since they are evidently active, make for more active discussions. To point out the obvious, more active discussions = more fun.

    Edit: I'd vote for 2 or 3, personally. I doubt like heck you'd be able to take over with them having so many more members.
  4. Jumper4677
    Yeah, I'd say 3 probably.... =/
  5. Valynor
    I wasn't actually talking about booting all of them, just the founder. Regional Power does that, and just makes the WA look at your region in a better way is all.

    For the record, I'm not even telling you my vote. I got an offer cuz I was talking to him before our region was even made, and I let it be a vote to all of you.
  6. supercomputers
    You can boot founders?

    We should totally invade and boot him if we can, we might even ge a WA disapproval thing! That would be so cool!
  7. Woden
    Meh. I don't particularly care for the regions that build themselves around a specific political ideology. They're annoyingly serious.
  8. Woden
    After having looked over their membership, they only have 6 WA members. We could easily take over.

    I don't think it would be a good idea, as it would leave us very open to a similar retaliation, though. We still wouldn't have many WA members in the region, and if the founder decided to make an issue of it, I'm sure he could convince another group to do the same thing to us.
  9. Valynor
    Good point.
  10. davey
    Boo the WA. "Socialism in One Country" I say!
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