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  1. Amazed12
    Here you can read all the quotes from the past few servers!
  2. Amazed12
    A Leaders farewell letter

    Well guys, its time for me to say goodbye. I've had a blast playing with all of you

    And for whoever out there was or is still allowing TRU players to sit there account, ask yourself, 'was it really worth it?' What's the point of keeping an account safe from enemies if its at the cost of making your enemy stronger? Bullies like ~V~ only have as much power as you allow them. His account is garbage, his hammer is pathetic, he's lost his capital numerous times, and his hammer town got zero'd. If guys like that can't even keep their own accounts safe, what are they gonna do for you?... I understand that not everyone is going to like every decision that leadership makes, but its not possible to please everyone and we try to act for the good of the alliance.... I'm sure that this will eventually find its way to ~V~ and I really don't care (hey ~V~ :P)

    ...and to everyone else... thank you

  3. Amazed12

    LOL...no offense to anyone involved, but V just straight ghetto pimp slapped five 'cross yo eyes. It has nothing to do with resources lost or time needed to recover; those are secondary to the point.

    The point is simple: V promised to slap you down and he followed through.

    You can spin it anyway you want, but you'll do that spinning from your ***.
  4. Amazed12
    Dan Chak
    LOL! Dude, seriously. Amazed crossed over and ***** slapped your best cap and you are going to try to take something away from it? I'd high five him if he had only kilt your little troopsies - the fact that he went in and peed all over your wheat fields with brazen audacity and you try to spin it as anything BUT a win is outstandingly goofy!
    Now El Che, I shall plus rep - he gave credit and promised some action. THAT is the way to go!
    But this? Dude, fail spin is fail.
  5. Amazed12

    I was thinking just the other day about how similar Amazed12 and El Che are on here. I even had a message typed up which I deleted and replaced with something pithy. They do play similar roles but in my opinion Amazed12 does it better. I can't really speak to the actions of El Che, as far as Travian goes, but I trust Amazed12 almost as much as anybody on the server.

    He does his homework, knows what's happening , plays his account like he expects everybody else to play, does the extra work and is loyal to a fault. It's his job to get you worked up and to focus your hate on him. If he were every to betray his alliance, I would be truly shocked.

    El Che on the other hand...

    Actually I don't dislike the guy at all, but I don't know how he treats his alliance other than what I read here.
  6. Amazed12

    And while I don't always agree with what V does or says, he holds by his word. At least as far as I've seen and interacted with him. El Che, were you ever this hard on itsme for lying to and abusing the trust of players in his alliances? Just curious.
  7. Amazed12

    First, El Che while a very good propagandist (and he is) tends to be self absorbed propagandist and mostly spends their time talking up their own account and avoids discussing or supporting alliance actions despite being in leadership.

    In contrast, someone like Amazed tends to be a selfless propagandist focusing all of their propaganda towards support of their alliance and they are not even in leadership.

    Second, El Che often posts with out checking their facts or thinking through what they are actually trying to say. This opens the door to a lot more criticism from fact check oriented accounts that would normally not get involved. That he evades responding to a lot of questions he knows he was wrong on just makes it worse.

    Amazed on the other hand is especially depressing specifically because of how painfully accurate their information tends to be.
  8. Amazed12

    Luiss:I've never met a more despicable player than you, Amazed.
    Kurtz response:Actually he is a very good and honourable player. That he knows how to push buttons and get spies does not make him less so.
  9. Amazed12

    You're an *** and one I'll fight with consistently but one I'll take in any alliance I'm in and value immensely

    V has rocked on that account for months. Coordinating opps, keeping it in the top ranked in pop, and gaining a ton of respect from everyone in Gemini.
  10. Amazed12
    Neg reps:
    You're a complete idiot and amuse only yourself.... says something for your standards.
    I held off neg repping you. But do you live under a rock? Are you really 12? -Conundrum
    They see me rollin' dey hatin' patorin' dey tryin' ta catch me ridin' dirty!
    I don't really like what you post. It's too much at times, especially that epilepsy one. Yours truly, Neg Rep
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