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  1. Les_Paul
    so this is where the cool people hang out?
  2. Amazed12

    We're talking about the same V right? His entire forum game rests on NOT being neutral. On being balls-out for his side. Relentlessly trolling all other into submission with an intelligent and massive assault
  3. Amazed12
    Murdok loving me

    Every round that goes by players make friends in other alliances. When you have played as many rounds with and against the same people you can become friends. Ive played against Amazed for a couple rounds. Would I consider him a friend... yes, would I consider him a good friend that I talk to all the time... no. There is a difference. Would he know that TEG as an alliance be back? No he would not. Hell, I didn't even think I would be back for round 5! (thanks Zilla :P )
    When I said TEG was dead I meant the ideas of TEG is dead. How you choose to read into that is up to you.
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