I am a God:

  1. To Be Somebody
    To Be Somebody
    1. Dead Center, part 4, the Atrium, elevator. Madness breaks loose, the survivors begin to kill each other before the doors even open. TBS is the last one standing. He barricades himself in a room, leaving the others to bleed to death. Being kind-hearted, he returns to save BB from a horrible death. In return, BB unloads a shotgun clip, incapacitating TBS. TBS begs for mercy. As BB returns to leave a molotov in TBS's general area, TBS's cries for mercy are heard as a Jockey comes to his aid, killing BB and leaving TBS the last one standing (incapacitated).

    2. Same setting. Hell breaks loose again, only this time, TBS is the first to go. As he dies, the elevator bursts into flames, killing everyone inside. The Almighty was not pleased with TBS's death, and punished those responsible.

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