You guys rock

  1. Baron D'Holbach
    I lol'd seriously hard!
  2. Cisalpine
    Oh, don't laugh too hard, you might have an accident!!! I think it's wonderful!

    You reckon V will next issue a challenge to everyone that belongs to your fan club?
  3. FlyingPumpkin
    We will see. I invited him too.
  4. Baron D'Holbach
    Rofl! I should make an offer that he can post again since he lost the bet, but only if he joins my fan club.
  5. FlyingPumpkin
    If your leaning in that direction, then it should be that he has to join your fan club, AND clearly state on his own that you are the superior poster with a link to your fan club.
  6. Baron D'Holbach
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