Karina's Awesomeness

  1. Silence
    Lets all talk about it. I will start. Karina is awesome.
  2. Primetime
    Well, that ended as quickly as it begun, what else can be said other than the fact she is all-around awesome?
  3. MALJ
    She is awesome, that's why she was the test market for my state of the art ramvils, first introduced last round of us4.
  4. ECH0
    Who's Karina?
  5. Silence
    Ech0, that wasnt very funny.

    If you dont know, why did you join the fan club?
  6. The Blazin1
    The Blazin1
    That actually was kinda funny... But who is ech0 and why is he here?
  7. ECH0
    1. I actually don't know, but I have a guess.
    2. I got an invite to this group.
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