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  1. Flossie Schmumpus
    Flossie Schmumpus
    Okay, I am here to help this group grow.
  2. ECH0
    Thanks! We need to get to 15 members and then I'm passed blazin's first quest.
  3. El Che
    El Che
    I heard you began potting weeds cause all your other plants died. Sadly your weeds died too...

  4. The Blazin1
    The Blazin1
    I heard she had to plant fake flowers outside her house. They died too.
  5. Meherrin
    Flossie uses plastic fluffy pink flowers because the real ones keep wilting. (Am I doing this right?)
  6. LuckyGurrl
    Flossie's flowers fail fantastically from flossie's forgetful fertilization...
  7. The Blazin1
    The Blazin1
    I think this group is already dying since floss is trying to help it grow.
  8. FlyingPumpkin
    What is this quest you speak of ECH0?
  9. fortress
    the quest for the holy grail
  10. ECH0
    The quest to become blazin's dual.

    I heard a rumor that Flossie is buying her flowers from here: No wonder they don't last long.
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