1. something name
    something name
    I can make issues now
    Give me some ideas and chocies so I canz putz im in teh game.


    Optoin 1:
    Optoin 2:
    Optoin 3:
  2. Jumper4677
    People have reported sighting dragons in <your nation>.

    "These dragons are a threat to all of us!" states Leif Soomsun, "we should dispatch the military to eradicate them!"

    "No, let us go and make friends with the dragons," says Eman Gnihtemos, "they should be treated with reverence as they're probably really, really old."

    "What? Dragons are a thing of fiction," says Dren Striface, "you should make a public announcement dismissing these 'dragons' as false."
  3. supercomputers
    Can you post the issue submission guidelines?
  4. something name
    something name
    General Guidelines
    Issues should be fun, quirky, and interesting. They should be written in a light, humorous tone, and not attempt to push any particular political viewpoint.

    Each of your options should have pros and cons. There should be no "right" option that makes everything better and "wrong" options that make everything worse. Your options should force players to make a trade-off: to think about what they consider important.

    Don't try to make your issue too similar to the ones already in the game--be original!

    Using Variables
    If you want to use a word that will change depending on which nation is receiving the issue -- e.g. the name of the nation -- use capital letters and surround the word with "@@". So a sentence including the nation's name might be: "This is a sad day for @@NAME@@." To substitute the national currency, use @@CURRENCY@@, etc.

    To insert a random person's name, use "@@RANDOMNAME@@".
  5. something name
    something name
    Choose a short, relevant title, such as "Nudists Demand Time in Sun" or "Child Casino Shock".

    This should be a sentence or two summarizing the issue at hand. For example: "A loose coalition of sartorially-challenged individuals known as "Let It All Hang Out" has called on the government to relax public nudity laws." Or: "Children as young as eight have been spotted gambling in some of @@NAME@@'s seedier casinos."

    If some nations should not receive this issue -- for example, it is about road rage, and so isn't valid for nations that have banned automobiles -- mention this here. Example: "Not valid for nations with low tax rates."
  6. something name
    something name
    Here you enter several different choices: players will have to select which they most agree with (or dismiss the issue altogether).

    Each time you begin a new option, start a new line and write "[option]". Then write the actual text that should be displayed. (E.g.: "[option]The High Minister for Finance, who also happens to be your brother, dismisses the claim...")

    At the end of the option, start a new line and write "[effect]", followed by a short description that will be added to the description of nations that select this option. (E.g.: "[effect]the right to free speech is being drastically curtailed".)

    If you want, you can also provide more detailed instructions as to what should happen to the internal makeup of nations that choose this option. To do this, start a new line and write "[stats]", followed by a description as to what should happen. (E.g.: "political freedom falls, publishing industry shrinks a little.")
  7. something name
    something name
    Complete Example
    Title: Should Democracy be Compulsory?

    Description: In response to a slow news week, certain highbrow newspapers have stirred up the debate over voluntary vs compulsory voting.

    Validity: Not valid for nations that don't have elections
  8. something name
    something name
    [option]"Compulsory voting makes about as much as sense as
    having the death penalty for attempted suicide," says civil
    rights activist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "You can't force
    people to be free! You can only give them the choice.
    Besides, if all those derelicts who can't be bothered to
    get off their *** once every few years voted, who would
    they elect? I shudder to think."
    [effect]voting is voluntary
    [stats]political freedom increases, public apathy increases
    [option]"It's not contradictory at all,"
    argues political commentator @@RANDOMNAME@@.
    "The fact is, if not everyone votes, the outcome isn't truly
    representative. Some groups--like elderly gun nuts--vote more
    often than others.
    That's why always we always end up with such terrible politicians."
    [effect]voting is compulsory
    [stats]size of government increases a bit, political freedom
    decreases, apathy decreases
  9. something name
    something name
    [option]"This raises an interesting issue," says
    @@RANDOMNAME@@, your brother. "And that is:
    why do we need elections, anyway? Seems to me it would be much
    simpler if you just decided what was right, and did it. Wouldn't
    that save everyone a lot of time?"
    [effect]elections have been outlawed
    [stats]political freedom decreases to almost zero

    If you take a long time (more than about 30 minutes) to type in your issue, the game will think you have left and log your nation out. Clicking "Submit Issue" will then take you to the login screen and cause your issue to be lost! For this reason, it is recommended that you draft your issue in a word processor (like Notepad), then paste it into your browser when you're happy with it.
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