The Words of the Agge

  1. Jekyll&Hyde
    The great Agge seldom comes to the land of Middle-TravianUS Forum. However, sometimes he leaves us his words of knowledge for us to ponder.

    It is said that he hath hold us five sacred commandments to which we must abide. We know of two of them and you may find them here:

    If anyone finds more of these posts, please share.

    All hail the Agge!
  2. Speaker
  3. Brahma
    I have read the words of Agge and I am here to spread them! I share these words of Agge!

    Hi everyone,

    as i am (almost) off for the next three weeks i want to thank all of you for the great job you did and all the effort you spent on it during 2009.

    Thanks to all of you Travian is what it is :-)

    Enjoy the holidays and all the best to you, your beloveds and your families!

    Snowy Regards and a great 2010 for us all.
  4. Scarecrow
    *bows down before the prophet of cookies and muffins*
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