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  1. Excogitation
    Will be 50 soon...
  2. ctg
    I am to the point where I am willing to fib on my age which is 28. (the kids I work with think I am 23 and I have no problem with that )
  3. Shenaynay
    I'm 18
  4. ctg
    I am gettign closer and closer to 30. It is kinda freeking me out. I want to be 25 again. Can I please?????
  5. The Burninator
    The Burninator
    Not me, that's for sure
  6. cooper316
    37 in about a month.
  7. Berserking Alcoholic
    Berserking Alcoholic
    damn I've played this game WAY too long...31 now.
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