1. Comrade
    Is anyone actively recruiting people? Is there anywhere I should be focusing on dropping casual hints?

    Otherwise, are there any awesome people who are experienced in the finer arts of Travian (Defense, Offense, Leadership) that we should attempt to contact?
  2. Whiskeyjack
    Contact kappy. I also mention it to someone at last once daily. Even if they don't agree right away, it's a kernel of thought in the back of their mind that they can mention to someone else.
  3. Whiskeyjack
    I also think our best word of mouth would be recruiting a troll or two directly.
  4. beefy
    One name that always rings a bell with me as far as awesome players is Durinmaleus. One of the strongest players I've known for general attacking throughout the game. I'm sure most people that have heard of him from s5 will agree with me. And he's looking to start up a project soon too.
  5. Warraxx
    i'm with beefy
  6. Ronnie9752
    Well I know Marrawil who is/was the leader of the alliance NNOF on usx. He had everything organized. Then there is Bstay who was the offensive coordinator who had everything under control. I could try and recruit them if needed.

    Forumers that would be good to have would be Jono, and JD70(if we can pull him out of retirement for this).
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