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  1. mikethenewguy
    yeah, com 1 would probably be best, 1 and 2 are the hardest servers on com (excluding speed) . Although, before we start, it should be determined who is playing on which account(s), sitter/dual structures, offense/defense etc.
  2. Comrade
    That's exactly what we needed to get figured out.

    Also, I was kinda thinking s5.com would be possible, but if we don't have the people maybe we can try for another pass on the next server?
  3. Zaraza
    s5.com will do, the next one will most likely be s1.com but not sooner than 2 months, prolly more..
    We should get a skype conference up and get organized..
  4. The Wonk
    The Wonk
    this is the most important topic!
  5. -BB-
    Any of you playing on the comx2 server? There are quite a few of us there. We would love to have other join.
  6. Zaraza
    If s5.com is the designated server for this project.. we need to haul ***.. also, it's gonna be pretty populated from what i've heard
  7. G35
    s5 is starting pretty soon, is this the one we are going to do? If so what quad?
  8. Mr. A
    Mr. A
    so what is going on?
  9. G35
    I'm planning on playing s5.com anyways. Would be great if that is the server we try this on. I like the NE best because it's easier to type in coordinates on my phone, but I will do any quad as long as I know ahead of time.
  10. Rofler
    If we haven't started world domination yet, I think s1.com restarts soon.
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