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  1. halfcup
    This one time, at the circus, I saw a real unicorm!!!

    But it looked like a goat what someone had tied it's horns and made them grow together.
    It was not a pretty unicrom like Sparklez.
  2. F.C.
    So I kNo SPARKELZ wIlL pRoLlIe mAnHanDlE mE oUT hERe aGeN, bUTt I jUs wANteD tOo sAy dAt iF u LoOk cLosely DaT izNt a ReEl UnICorn dAt iZ a FaKe hOrN. I PuT hoRns oN mY bOdY sUmTimEs bUt dAt dIdn'T mAkE mE a UniCorn iT jUs mAdE mE HoRnIe.

    OMGOMG PoKkA FaCe iZ oN I <33 dAt SoNg LaDy GaGa iz Da MAn!!!!!!!! PUt oN maYoUt on mAy Po-pOk-Po-Poka FacE Polka FaCe!!!!!!!
  3. crackfox
    i LuV uNiCoRnS mOaR tHaN aNyThInG iN tHe WhOlE wIdE wOrLd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!111

    OmG lYk DiS iZ mY fAvRiTe SiTe:

  4. Crickett
    YEA I found my home on the forum..I LOVE UNICORNS..you should see my living room and Dining room..COVERED
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