How we do battles...

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  1. moses
    I was going to blockade the vatican if they wanted it. I like the idea of either the whole group voting on it or an impartial group doing it. Vatican isnt very big even if you landed on the beach instead of a port you would probably be seen
  2. General Noobington
    General Noobington
    Soup, If you need me to help, I will.
  3. General Noobington
    General Noobington
    But not in this one
  4. supercomputers
    Mkay, since it seems most f y'all want to do the voting thing we'll do this, the battlers will state their tactics and deployments ect and we all will decide the winnorz...

    @n00b halp with wut?
  5. moses
    Sounds like a plan
  6. General Noobington
    General Noobington
    making battles resolve.

    But we're voting, so yea.

    Also the peeps in the battle shouldn't vote.
  7. Mace245
    so that leaves who? also, tactics should be sent by PM, or someone will end up waiting for the other side to post so they can have a small advantage. just to be fair
  8. supercomputers
    Mmm, ok, so for battles each person posts what they do and everyone votes on each step.

    Oh and about the posting thing we're doing it because we do stuff in order, in a real battle one can observe the enemy thus see, yeah

    If there are any logic errors or spelling or stuff it's midnight, goodnight, battle essentially starts tommorow.
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