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    Your still on here? what are you trolling the forums for?=)
  2. Congrats on the teal Tineren!
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    Congrats on the teal
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    Congrats on the teal! Glad to see s8 representing!
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    As I said, you 'could' use two XMarks accounts. I don't know how the profile thing works, but with a dedicated travian XMarks account you can keep your private stuff private.

    As far as captcha is concerned, I don't see how it could do anything. Basically, I'm loading a bunch of web pages at once. There's no scripting involved, so this isn't a violation. If the captcha system would be triggered by sending all those raids at once, then that would happen with the way your method works either way, so I wouldn't attribute it to XMarks. That said, I've been using your method with XMarks for a while now and haven't had a problem.

    Technically, XMarks works with their server [EDIT: "they"=XMarks, not Travian] and Firefox. Because it has no involvement in travian (doesn't script anything, doesn't modify travian pages), I don't see a way to trigger anything.
  7. Xmarks looks interesting. Of course the first question these days is will it do anything to trigger the captcha system. The main problem though is "travian time". I always have a travian tab (or 9) open so I need a way to only sync a portion of my bookmarks (which it looks like xmarks can do with profiles). Currently I use multiple firefox profiles to export the travian portion of my bookmarks to an .html file that I share with my duals over skype.
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    Noticed your raiding guide. I like it, but I have a solution for your dual problem.

    Use Xmarks. Set up a special account just for the server. You can use it to store your firefox bookmarks online. It keeps them off your computer. I use it to sync bookmarks between my laptop/desktop. You can use it for that too.

    But when its travian time, you can shut off that account, and log into the travian account. Then you can see the bookmarks from the server. Anything you add goes up, and so on. Then when you log off and someone else brings it up, they get where you were.
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    Hey, was wondering what you thought about my data on ram hammers vs cata hammer (or is my data irrelevant? But if so, why.) I am interested what you have to say about it.

    Not the first half, but the second part re ^^^
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    Whats doing Tineren?
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