vBulletin Message

We would like to hear about any concerns you have. However, there are avenues for each type of comment. Please send your message to the appropriate place.

General Inquiries
  • If you have questions, feel free to message any Moderator or grey-tagged Staff member.
  • Or, alternately, post your inquiry in the Questions section of the Travian.us Forum. We have many members who are glad to help no matter the problem. Note: We ask that bans and similar staff actions are not discussed on the public forums.

For in-game assistance:
  • For questions regarding gameplay, message Support
  • For any issues with in-game rules or violations, message Multihunter.
  • If, after you deal with the Multihunter, you are unsatisfied, you may contact the Game Administrator (see below).

For assistance on the forums:
  • All moderators tend to specific forums. The best moderator to contact for a specific issue is one that oversees the forum in question.
  • If you need to appeal a Moderator or have an overarching question, comment, or concern, please message a Super Moderator
  • For technical issues or to appeal a Super Moderator, please contact the Forum Admin.

Travian.us Administration:
  • The travian.us administrator can be contacted by email at admin@travian.us. The administrator should only be contacted once all other avenues have been exhausted.
    (ex. Speak to the Multihunter about a ban first before trying to appeal it.)

Travian.us team