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    Default The End is Nigh

    Hello Everyone

    The World Wonder will be completed in a little over 5 hours at 06:00am GMT (or 01:00 EST). The Rally point is clear of serious attacks, so I feel comfortable in declaring DADS ARMY held by Ill Repute as the winning Wonder for Angels / D-Angels.

    I would like to start by congratulating and thanking the entire Angels team in their efforts this server in bringing us to this point. Angels success has been founded upon a bedrock of grassroot alliance members who have acted as team throughout. The way they have attacked / defended and supported each other as a team has been truly magnificent. This is epitomised by the way you have all stuck with it during the server. We decided on 2 wings this round and we still have 2 full wings of players. Well done to you all.

    As per last round, we decided on a bishy bashy strategy with our eyes fixed on endgame and we have successfully achieved both. This has meant us being at war for almost the entire server. It is hard work to keep up the intensity all server but we have done that and all of Angels should be proud of this. Maybe the lack of deletions within Angels throughout the server has been due to this approach ie not having time to get bored, although this has been put to the test this round with the low number of players and therefore lack of opposition. Who knows, but the strategy worked and we have had fun and killed lots of things – 15 million kills this round.

    Every team needs direction and leadership and the Leadership team has once again shown how good they are. Thankyou to Ill Repute / Red Bellona / Black Amber / Graculus / Spl00ge / Seventy / Nick Speed / Neuro (as well as honorary / part time leaders Runningwolf, Silver Angel and Conan) for all your efforts . You have had to take on more work this round as I have have tried to take a more directional role and you have all stepped up brilliantly. I would also like to thank all those that helped with the running of the wings and the running of the attack and defence teams and by doing so taking some of the pressure of the others - thank you.

    Red Bellona - you have been fantastic as ever. You have led the D Angels wing brilliantly and have always being supportive to me and the rest of the team when needed. This is our 3rd server together - 3 servers where you have led an Angels Wing. You are tireless in your efforts and I was so pleased to have finally met you earlier this month in London. Thank you for being a good friend and a valued colleague

    A big big thankyou to Ill Repute. Mike took on the task as my sitter for the entire server. In the middle of the server he put his hand up and said “I’ll hold a wonder”. Now seeing as he sat a wonder last two servers I thought you mad thing lol. Like Red this is your 3rd year with me and 2nd as wing leader. You have been brilliant throughout this round and thoroughly deserve this win.

    The WW has been run almost entirely by Ill Repute with myself and Black Amber sitting. I expect to do this as leader, but Black Amber sat for this wonder and the Huron wonder too. The completion of the WW is every bit down to Black Amber as to Ill Repute. Thank you for doing such a great job.

    I would also like to thank Myrivion and Conan on the Huron account for agreeing to build a WW as well. It was important to hold two wonders with everyone else focused on trying to stop Angels from winning in order to split the enemy armies up. This is the first time you have held or sat a wonder before and you have both done great. Teamtakedown and Blackamber have been your sitters throughout the WW building so big thanks to you guys for helping Huron get 2nd place.

    I don’t want to name too many more players as otherwise it will involve naming too many individual players. Suffice to say that we have created an immoveable force this server.

    Well done to those WWK / rammer players that worked hard to build the big hammers (and they were big). You all did your job and I am so pleased that you all got to send them off and land at an enemy WW so people could see your efforts and applaud.

    Special mention to the 3 stand out armies this round in Avalon / Hmmzzz and, last but the BIGGEST, Flyingpython. Fantastic work from all of you.


    Well done to all the other players who took and held WW’s and in doing so made an endgame. It is a tough job especially when there is limited defence and players to support wheat to feed. I have held two wonders myself so know the sacrifices you have made.

    To Nemesis. Congrats to you all for keeping at this server. You were placed under considerable pressure from us and were subjected to a barrage of attacks for several months. Despite this you kept going and that is to your credit. We agreed a ceasefire as a result of the spirit you all showed and we were happy to accept your offer of defensive support for the Wonders of which your team eagerly participated in. Special mention to Roothluss / Cookie & the Weasleys.

    Demons (formerly UNEND). I would like to thank RIP and Egor and the rest of the team for continuing on against overwhelming odds and for taking wonders into endgame. We have had some really good chats during the server. The game has been played in good spirit with no animosity. Well done.

    PHN / Madface. A fantastic team who play the game their way – attack attack attack. To Oppo / HT / Matt Paxton / Tox, it has been a pleasure meeting you all and thanks for everything this round.

    Well done to Black Ice and the rest of the KwtrsN gang for continuing the game after the break up of DOS and for finishing in what looks like it will be 3rd place. In particular, thanks to Orome / Eum and Minka.

    That leads me on nicely to those that disappeared. Both ASA and DOS disappointed me for leaving the game. I never thought I would be putting ASA and DOS in the same sentence. That I suppose is the biggest disappointment as DOS were far better than the other team and could / should have made the server far more competitive if factors had been different in the NE. I will say no more on that here.

    Special mention to LT and the boonies alliance. They had to contend with PHN but still they took their WW, they built it up and they gave the rookies a taste of what it is like. Hopefully that will bring them back for another go.

    AND FINALLY.......

    The server is coming to end and a new server will ensue where friendships and adversaries will be renewed. I doubt Angels will be returning to this server. The numbers and the version will dictate that this server is not for us, I am sure.

    For those that are leaving Travian for other things – I wish you good luck and good health. For those that return I will see you on the battlefield – albeit a different one.

    My final words in my rambling are this:-

    We came to this server looking for new challenges, to meet different people and make new friends. I am happy to say that from my perspective we have succeeded on all counts.

    Good luck to you all and have a very Merry (travian free) Christmas

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    Very nicely said Magnus. It was a pleasure playing against your well prepared team. You had a plan, you set it in motion and you finished with finesse. Kudos and congratulations to you and your team for such a well done job and well played round. You have my complete respect and awe.

    Merry Christmas to you, your family, your travian family and theirs.

    Shiloh, (X-men team and anvil)

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    Thank you Magnus and the team
    for another great round
    and for providing such a great community to be a small part of
    my troop enjoyed himself and may even be persuaded to join an occasional attack in the future ( after the pubs close of course )
    hope the fat lady sings does actually sing tonight lol


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    oh I got a mention

    Congratulations to everyone who started and finished the game, was fun.

    Merry xmas and Happy to year too.

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    Congratulations Angels for a well fought and thought out victory.
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    Well said Magnus & great job Angels.

    Shout-out to ALL of UNEND players - thank you for the wonderful experience.. glad that I came back after 2 years break and played with you guys.
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    Thanks to Angels for being excellent adversaries and even better allies!

    Great server everyone! This may have been the last t3 server, and I am glad I got to play with you all.

    Blessed holidays to you all.


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    Thanks to all the Angels and Nemesis who helped us defensively.

    Thanks also to PHN & Demons for never giving up and having such a great attitude.

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    Congratulations Angels and thank you everyone for this server! Even though my own games ended in September, it has been a pleasure to watch the endgames.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnus. View Post

    The server is coming to end and a new server will ensue where friendships and adversaries will be renewed. I doubt Angels will be returning to this server. The numbers and the version will dictate that this server is not for us, I am sure.

    As ever a magnanimous (sorry!) message from our leader. This is my 2nd consecutive win with Angels and congratulation to the best team that I have ever played with.

    Reference the snippet above - I play three T3.6 English speaking servers and this has the highest number of active players at endgame of all 3 of them so never say never!

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    Congrats Angels
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    i want to congratulate Angels too.
    awesome game play and perfectly organized team!

    ~Winnie (the one and the only ... lol) aka RIP

    p.s. guys, you should try .ru for some challenge..hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by piglet View Post
    i want to congratulate Angels too.
    awesome game play and perfectly organized team!

    ~Winnie (the one and the only ... lol) aka RIP

    p.s. guys, you should try .ru for some challenge..hehe
    I heard one of the .ru's was going to be t3.6 as well. Any truth to that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oppo! View Post
    I heard one of the .ru's was going to be t3.6 as well. Any truth to that?
    i heard this is a 3x speed
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