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Thread: The top players are NOT hacking.

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    Default The top players are NOT hacking.

    On a server, if you look at the players in the top 20, you'll see that they grow several times faster than you. They probably grow far faster than you imagine is possible! Or perhaps, a new village has spawned right next to you and in just a few days it's already bigger than your village, which you've worked much longer on. It might seem at first glance that they're hacking or cheating in some way, but often that's not the case. Other possible explanations:

    1. Lots of Raiding
    This is the main reason for rapid growth in the early game. A lot of players will be in the top during the beginning of a server by raiding people as fast as possible. As a result, they can afford to build things non-stop. The amount of resources brought in by raid is simply staggering. In fact, if you're not raiding, you're likely having your growth seriously stunted compared to what you could be doing. There are also tools that can help, such as TravianTractor that are legal. Some players use illegal scripts to help them raid, but others can do just as well by using simple spreadsheets. Thus, fast growth doesn't automatically mean breaking the rules.

    2. High Activity
    Some players spend more time on Travian than others, and by getting duals they can share their account with somebody else. This creates an account that is active almost 24/7. It is 100% legal and a very common practice. Players can also sit for each other to increase activity on one account.

    3. Gold Use
    Constantly using gold can both instantly complete buildings and rebalence resources.

    4. Bugs?
    Though Travian isn't flawless, bugs are actually quite rare. However, if something just doens't seem right you can always report it in the Bugs forum. The typical bug in Travian is minor and does not give a gameplay advantage to anybody, but game-breaking bugs might still exist.

    5. Larger Account
    If a village has just spawned next to you and is growing at an unnatural rate, click on it and see if the player owning the village has any other villages. It's legal to transfer resources between villages on the same account, eliminating the wait for resources that typically slows new village growth down.
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